Тема: Template of request

1. Nickname of character?
2. Real name?
3. Your age?
4. Region of habitat (country, city)?
5. Class and lvl of your main character?
6. In which clan have been before and why have you left them?
7. Your average online-tome?
8. Your equipment (weapon, jewelry, armor)?
9. The overall goal of the game? What are you playing for?
10. Why would like to join our Clan?
11. Are you ready to provide yourself with equipment by yourself (as we ourselves rarely dress)?
12. Do you agree with the Charter of the Clan entirely?
13. Specify the people who can recommend you.
14. Do you agree to use the voice chat Ventrilo/Mumble constantly during the game?

- Remember: admission to the Clan is prohibited for characters who are able to ruin the reputation of the Clan and for characters with a vicious past.
- Remember: admission to the Clan is prohibited for characters, whos first goal is to enrich themselves at the expense of Clan.



Re: Template of request

Before applying bother to read the Charter of the Clan and Conditions of acceptance to the Clan.

Please, when you are preparing the request, bother to copy a list of questions, and then below, place in the same order your answers to the questions.

To make a request to join the Clan create a new post in the section of Requests.
Requests, for which was accepted decision, are being moved to the archive.

Thanks a lot!